barbara meneses

Barbara Meneses Montgomery is a Complementary Therapist. Barbara is currently based in both Madrid and Antequera, Spain

Barbara has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Meridian Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Life Coaching), SNHS Dip. (Holistic Dowsing), AIPC Dip ( Professional Counselling), Reiki Master, Qigong practitioner and developer.

I am a former journalist, current writer and complementary therapist based in both Madrid and Antequera, Spain. In the year 2000 I had a strong turning point in my life, a spiritual awakening process that made me review my life with new eyes and make important decisions. I left my profession as journalist and decided to engage myself in the best journalistic adventure I could have ever possibly dreamed of. The exploration of the inner world, the discovery of the Ultimate Truth about Life, Death, Existence, and what causes us suffering and misery.

Although my entourage was dramatically worried about my new and apparently crazy decisions. I had an immense surge of energy and enthusiasm assisting me in this new quest. I felt alive for the first time in many years, coming home to myself and unfolding spiritually as a blossoming flower. Very soon, after the first year experiencing these deep changes, I came down to earth and felt inclined to start a process of inner work and self growth. I found, thanks to the Buddhist teachings, that my own mind and its causes and conditions was ultimately causing me the most pain and suffering. Thus, I explored the psychological, healing and complementary field to assist me in my path of self growth, awakening and realisation.

The last and intense years brought me and my partner to where we are, founding a retreat centre in Antequera, in front of the most special range of mountains called El Torcal. A highly energetic space full of peace and quietude where we can assist others embrace their own path of self exploration and transformation. We bought a part of one of the oldest farm houses “cortijos” in this area, from which the legend says, the Arabs invaded the city of Antequera. The cortijo is called “Las Animas”, meaning the “souls” how appealing! We have been refurbishing it ourselves, with our own hands, during the last four years.

During this time, I continued my own spiritual path and discovered many tools to assist me in my journey. One of them was Emotional Freedom Techniques which I used on myself with great success. As a result of this positive experience, healing many aspects and painful memories from the past, I wrote a book in Spanish called CQP 1.0, una aventura para liberarte del bullying y otras formas de violencia, a therapeutic tale for teenagers to overcome bullying with ancient wisdom and practical tools such as EFT. We have recently translated the book into English under the title: The Boy Who Set Himself Free.

In our search for a balanced mind-body-spirit we also found the practice of Qigong as being highly beneficial. We have studied Qigong and practice it, and as a result, have developed our own style of Qigong. A specific combination of movements that are designed to help all healers and therapists have their own energy system, in the best possible shape, to assist themselves and their clients. It is called Kiko-Reiki or Qigong-Reiki as it is an ideal form of Qigong for Reiki practitioners. We offer special courses of Qigong, with good accommodation and self catering facilities, in our centre.

Last summer, 2009, searching on the internet for ways to professionally study Energy Psychology, I stumbled upon the School of Natural Sciences (SNHS) and I decided to finally study Meridian Psychotherapy. I had been successfully using the techniques for more than six years, on myself and others, either after my Reiki sessions or during my spiritual counselling sessions, assisting friends and clients with these amazingly efficient tools, and I wanted finally to get some sort of degree or diploma to back my experience.

The School has very appealing courses and, very soon, I was also enrolling for Holistic Dowsing and Life Coaching. This last course was most appealing to me as it also assists me in gaining some structure in order to assist people in meaningful and powerful ways. As I was studying the course, I had great waves of energy and enthusiasm making me realize how great coaching is and how much I have to offer to this field. The School has also given me new confidence in my own talents and a way to honour them without falling into ego traps.

I am now preparing all of my complementary therapies to offer them in the best possible framework through our Retreat Centre, El Incanto and also in other ways and ventures.

I am also assisting in the development of a very interesting healing project by a UK company, Quantum-changes who is about to launch a computer program with the Cymatic frequencies as developed by the latest Sir Guy Peter Manners, Cp3. This healing system combines different healing modalities into one single Bio-realignment protocol in which the healer can dialogue with the energy system of the client and find the best remedies to bring his energy fields into a complete alignment and balance. A highly effective and preventive way to remain healthy. All of the studies I have recently done through The School Natural Health Sciences fit marvellously in this project.

On the middle term, I plan to develop my Life Coaching practice, creating new specialities such as Creative Coaching, Transpersonal Coaching and Communication Coaching, using my skills as former journalist to assist clients in the communication field.

I am grateful to the School for their courses, they are highly inspiring and help us bring about the very best of ourselves.

Barbara Meneses Montgomery

UPDATE: It is now 2013 and I have recently relocated back to Spain after living in Australia, where I trained for two years with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) for a Diploma in Professional Counselling. I will be soon offering my services in Spain and Online as Counsellor, Life Coach and Spiritual mentor.