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ashok kumar

Ashok’s Story

Ashok Kumar is a practitioner in Herbalism.

Ashok is based in Birmingham, England.
He has the following qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Herbalism), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Herbalism), SNHS H.I. Dip. (Herbalism) & BEMS (Bachelor of Electro- homeo Medicine and Surgery) (New Delhi) PGDPRJ (India)From childhood, my interests were in Spirituality and Philosophy. By the time I completed my University Degree, I had already studied Plato, Aristotle, Lao-tse, Adler, Jung, Nietzsche, Osho-Rajneesh, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi, J. Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Bertrand Russell and other great authors and philosophers.

Career: I have been a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional person. I have had been working with internationally acclaimed organizations in various Senior Managerial Positions in PR, Journalism and Business Development in Canada, India, Germany and the U.K.

Media activities: I was a Radio Host for over three years in Montreal Canada, with Radio Humsafar, one of the largest South Asian Radio network in North America. I used to host various programs like live Talk-Shows on current political, religious, social and health issues besides news broadcasting, copy-writing, editing, conducting interviews etc. I have also been a column writer on health and medicine, in Canada, India and now in the UK in South Asian newspapers.

Author: I am in the process of completing one book on herbal medicine. I have earlier authored 4 books on Love & Philosophical Poetry, in Indian languages and now working on my 5th Poetry book in English, due to be published soon. One of my poetry books was also awarded regionally in India in the year 2005. I have earned various other awards in Sports and literary fields.

Herbal Medicine Practice: I have been practicing Herbal therapy since 2001. My practice base is in Birmingham, U.K. and twice a year I go to Canada and twice a year to India for my practice, conferences and lectures on Herbal Medicine.

Theory of Total health: I have developed my own ideology and theory about health practice. I believe that one can not be healthy in parts. I believe in total health. Total health does not mean only physical health. Total health to me, means mental, physical, economical, personal and social heath. I try to convince and cure my patients in my own way. Besides the use of herbal medicines, I give them counselling, explaining to them how their positive thinking, their good family ties, their discipline at work and at home, their relationship with nature and their happiness is going to help them in their physical and mental conditions. And I am very successful. Many of my clients begin feeling better the moment they start talking to me over the phone. I am very satisfied.

Memberships & Awards: I am associated with Lions Clubs International since 1984. I have worked on various positions with this club. I worked for years in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal to help the poorest of the poor in their health and educational matters through the Lions Club international programmes, devised entirely by me for these countries. I was awarded with ‘Best International Lion of the Year’ 9 times in my life, for my contribution to health and education.

Association with School of Natural Health Sciences: Unbelievable! I relocated from Canada to the UK in the autumn of 2005. To earn to live and to save overheads, I started my practice from my home. But education is in my blood and hence I wanted to increase my knowledge in British and European Herbs. For months together, I was browsing the internet several hours a day but could not get a course or a college, which could offer both, quality and reasonable fee structure. Luckily, one day, I came across The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS) website. I thoroughly studied the website, its contents, its courses, its fees, its accreditation and the stories of some of the ex-students and graduates.

This convinced me, I then enrolled for their Herbal Medicine courses, starting from basic to advanced courses in this subject and then progressed to The Higher International Diploma in this subject. However, it was not only the fee package which is, I think, the best in the U.K., but it was the content of the course which impressed me most. The curriculum is so detailed and in such a simple format that even a common man, who has to do nothing with medicine, can understand, learn and be benefited.

School of Natural Health Sciences Courses for all: SNHS courses are not only for the professionals like me but for everybody, for school students, for executives, for housewives and anyone who cares to enrich their lives with knowledge about the fascinating world of holistic therapies. These courses train individuals to take care of their ‘own health’ besides their family’s, friends’ and neighbours and indeed their ‘paying clients’ once individuals have graduated from the School.

School of Natural Health Sciences Courses staff members: I have noticed these days, we make telephone calls everyday to various offices, schools or banks, and the person on the other end is always in a hurry to cut short the conversation, that too without providing the requisite service or information. But it is an out of the world experience with SNHS team. Whenever I call the School and who ever picks up the phone, I am always greeted by a sweet voice. So helpful are all the team members and staff of SNHS that it adds to the quality of their courses besides enhancing the prestige of SNHS. Entire staff is professional and always willing to help in the study as well. I remember, whenever I could not understand something from my curriculum, I used to make a telephone call to SNHS and immediately, without any formalities, tutors were available to discuss my problems. I have completed some professional courses from other institutes in this country, I remember, it used to be a horrible bureaucratic long process to contact a teacher over the phone which added to my frustration so much sometimes that I wanted to quit. But SNHS is a real life pleasant experience.

Earning potential: With a UK qualifications from SNHS now, my earning potential has increased, I can proudly display my SNHS qualifications and I am sure, I will not be able to resist my temptation to go for more courses from SNHS in the near future.

My sincere thanks to the School of Natural Health Sciences

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