My result for my Reflexology course is fantastic news indeed! I have already received and have started reading through the first part of the Advanced Reflexology course and hope to start on the answers next week on the train to London and back for a meeting.

The beauty of the School of Natural Health Sciences courses is, you can fit them in around whatever other commitments you have as long as you have a laptop to type your answers into.

Here is to another successfully completed course and then I can go for the Higher International Diploma. I have already outlined the bare bones of my dissertation and will be working on that too, alongside my other studies.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Annya Stephens-Boal
Carmarthenshire, Wales

SNHS Dip. (Reflexology)
SNHS Dip. (Advanced Aromatherapy)
SNHS Dip. (Hot Stone Therapy)
Studying: Allergy Testing, Indian Face Massage, Advanced Reflexology, H.I Dip Holistic Therapies