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alexandra williams

Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra Williams is a practitioner of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

Alex is based in Giessen, Germany.
She has the following holistic qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage) & SNHS Dip. (Reflexology)Hi, my name is Alexandra Williams and I live in Germany. I have always read with great interest about holistic healing but the first real contact I had was about five years ago when I was very stressed out from my job as an editor/writer.

Together with a friend I attended a class in “Touch for Health” taught be a renowned Kinesiology’s. We not only learned about the effects that stress has on the organs but also methods on how to help ourselves or a client. Those methods included Flower Remedies, crystals and tones, to name a few.

Eager to learn more we attended classes in Kinesiology for Animals, Chakra, Aura and Kinesiology followed by Usui Reiki, (grades 1 through Master). I also attended a Herbalist training and a Hot Stone class. However, during the training we had to practise our newly gained knowledge not only on ourselves but also volunteers and very often the client desired to get some physical therapy as well. That´s when I wanted to learn more about Reflexology, a subject that has always been of interest to me.

After receiving a detailed and nice reply to my enquiry, I knew I found the right school and signed up for the Reflexology course. After passing it with grade A I signed up for the Indian Head Massage course, which I also passed with grade A. I am currently working on Advanced Reflexology and Shiatsu.

I truly enjoy the studies with the School of Natural Health Sciences. The materials are great and the staff are friendly and helpful. What I really like are the nice and encouraging emails I receive after turning in a test. For some reason I always received them when I had a bad day at work. That of course always made my day a lot better!

What I also like is the additional resource of the reading materials which the school suggests. I have ordered a few books and I am pleased with the information because it helps me to expand my knowledge in certain areas of interest. Throughout my studies I worked with volunteers to practise my skills. This has been and still is a very rewarding experience. It`s great to know that we can train to help people and that they truly enjoy the skills which we put into practise through the different therapies.

Of course, I told my friends and family about the School of Natural Health Sciences and just a few months ago my sister Stephanie signed up for two courses and is about to complete them. So you can see that the enthusiasm about the School is in the family.

I am currently undergoing a significant change in my life and am glad that I can now use my skills for myself. That´s a blessing.

I can recommend the School of Natural Health Sciences – not only for the fun studies and great staff but also for the skills you can learn. Whatever you can learn in these courses you cannot only use for others but for yourself, too.

Before doing the final test I practised my Indian Head Massage skills on as many volunteers as I could find. All of them praised the treatment as very calming and pleasant. One of my friends, who used to suffer from frequent headache attacks, tried the massage twice a week. After a few sessions not only the attacks stopped, but she said she could go to sleep a lot easier than before. One of the reasons is that she is too relaxed to have any troublesome thoughts before going too sleep. Anyway, she tries to get the massage now weekly when possible.

Again, thanks for everything and I am looking forward to continuing my studies and learning more.

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