adele heath

Adele Heath is a practitioner of Reflexology and Oxygen Therapy.

Adele has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
SNHS Dip. (Reflexology), SNHS Dip. (Advanced Reflexology) & SNHS Dip. (Nutrition)

My name is Adele Heath I qualified as a Reflexologist with the School of Natural Health Sciences in 2005. I have been practicing as a therapist for just over a year. The thought of stopping studying now is completely bonkers. I have recently enrolled for the Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage courses. The choices are endless. The staff are so helpful and always at the end of the phone. I found the site so easy and very informal. The courses are very addictive and so enjoyable. I’d recommend anyone to study with the School of Natural Health Sciences. Its the best thing I’ve ever done!

As well as studying and practicing Reflexology, my husband and I run a successful business Health Products and Oxygen Therapy. When I’m with a client giving a treatment I often use one of our portable oxygen units called The Obox. I use this machine to encourage the blood and body to detoxify and also to increase energy, vibrancy and improve health in general.

Taking oxygen on a regular basis or during a treatment encourages better sleeping patterns, and as an added bonus we use Aromatherapy essential oils, such as Lavender, for maximum relaxation and chill out. Its the absolute must have as a therapist. We currently have therapists from all over the world using this unit, and our other oxygen products too. I take oxygen everyday, its exactly what your body needs, and let’s be honest, we only get one body. So take a breath to look after it. If you would like to ask me any questions to do with oxygen therapy please call me on 0870 712 0202, or contact me via email.

Here are some testimonials from two of my clients which you may be interested in reading:

Shirley Duddell from Manchester says “Adele has been treating me now for nearly a year. I’ve had numerous health problems and feel that Reflexology helps tremendously. Also I always take the oxygen therapy whilst having my treatment, and find this very relaxing, it works very well in conjunction with my treatment, leaving a warm and euphoric feeling afterwards. I always look forward to my treatment with Adele, she is a wonderful therapist with great new and exciting ideas.”

Kathleen Dufficey from Stoke-On-Trent says “I have been having Reflexology now for about 6 months with Adele. Like most people had the odd complaint about my back, neck, and suffered with headaches now and then, which stopped me from doing the things I liked. I was recommended to Adele by a friend, and I’m glad I was. Her good professional manner and priceless advice helped me a lot. I always look forward to the Reflexology sessions with Adele, I feel like a different person afterwards. Recently Adele has introduced me to her oxygen therapy, its amazing the oxygen and Reflexology has worked wonders together for my awful sleeping patterns.”

Adele Heath
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