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A Distance Learning Diploma Course of 12 Lessons

Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy is an ancient science that is finding a new and growing niche in modern Holistic Therapy practices, and is becoming an established ‘therapeutic technique’. Hypnotherapy is valuable in treating a very wide range of psychological and medical conditions.

This foundation course in Hypnotherapy, takes the student from the ‘historic use of hypnosis’, up to present day practice, in today’s professional Complementary Therapy environment. Hypnotherapy is covered from basic introduction to hypnosis and the nature of the hypnotic trance condition, to an understanding of how to induce, deepen and release a person from the trance state. The use of ‘suggestion hypnotherapy’, also simple basic ‘Hypno-analysis’ is introduced. The application of hypnotherapy to a wide range of conditions is covered, and the purpose, design, and use, of hypnotherapy scripts are included.

The course is completely stand alone and is aimed at students who wish to obtain competence in a practical and effective therapy. No previous experience is required as the course covers the appropriate basics. Practitioners of other therapies will find the course very useful as it adds another effective treatment technique to their existing practice.

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Intend to Study Hypnotherapy to the Advanced Level?

Hypnotherapy 2 for 1 – If you choose to order the Hypnotherapy & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy Courses at the same time we will give you the non-advanced Course for Free (Offer does not apply to payments made by instalments).

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Subjects included in the Course

• Introduction to Hypnosis
• The Hypnotic State
• Hypnotic Induction and Deepening
• Some Basic Applied Psychology
• Methods and procedures

• Examples of Induction, deepening, and release from hypnosis
• Applying Therapeutic Suggestion, and Suggestion Therapy Generally
• Using memory recall – a simple form of hypnoanalysis
• Practising Hypnotherapy

There is also a link from our course material to a ‘live audio scripts’, produced by our highly regarded course writer Tony Edwards, in both our foundation and advanced courses.

Hypnotherapy Course Outcome

The intended outcome of this course of study is twofold, the first outcome is that the successful student should be able to commence in practice with a firm foundation of basic knowledge. The second outcome is that this firm foundation may be used as the basis for further advanced study with the SNHS courses in “Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy” and in “Medical Hypnotherapy”.

A Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification is awarded on successful completion of this course. See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World.

About the Hypnotherapy Course Writer

Tony Edwards is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst. He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and a Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. Tony holds advanced qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and in Naturopathy and Nutrition. He is the author of internationally recognised training courses and texts in these subjects. He is a member of several ‘Professional Bodies’ concerned with various modalities in the complementary therapy field. Tony is also a Member of the Nutrition Society, and a Life Fellow of Medicina Alternativa.

Hypnotherapy Course Feedback

Philippa Woodsford
Nottinghamshire, England

I have loved the course, as I have all the courses I have done with the School of Natural Health Sciences. I am really enjoying the advanced Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy too. I can’t wait to finish this so I can go on to do the Higher International Diploma project, then the Medical Hypnotherapy course – earning the funds with my new career!

I have recommended you to two friends this week, so hopefully they will be studying with you too. I think I am on my 6th course with SNHS now, and have several more I wish to complete.

Hypnotherapy Course Instalments

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Tutored: Single payment of £295
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Self Study: Single payment of £135
or £50 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of £50.

Instalment fees in $USD

Tutored: Single payment of $590
or $190 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $100

Self Study: Single payment of $270
or $100 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of $100.

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