Holistic Massage Therapy

Self Study: £135 Tutored: £295

A Distance Learning Diploma Course of 9 Lessons

Holistic Therapy Massage Course

How would you like to train as a Holistic Massage Therapist? All types of massage have an effect on the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymph, nerves and some of the internal organs, together with the flow of ‘energy’ within the body.

Our course is open to both ‘practicing therapists’ and individuals who have an interest to learn this skill. This in-depth course will lead you step-by-step through the treatment sequence and teach you everything you need to know in order to become a Professional in your field.

There is also a link from our course material to an instructional ‘Massage Video’, which demonstrates all the Practical Massage Techniques for this subject, presented by a Professional Therapist.

No previous knowledge is required to study this subject; we train our students from beginner to practitioner/therapist level.

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Subjects included in the Course

• What is Holistic Massage?
• The History of Holistic Massage
• The Possible Effects of Massage – Physical and Emotional
• Basic Anatomy & Physiology
• Skin Disorders – Bacterial, Congenital, Pigmentation Disorders and Fungal diseases
• Skin Types – Dry, Oily, Dehydrated, Sensitive, Combination and Mature
• Contra-indications – Total, Localised and Medical
• Cautions during Treatment
• Integral Biology – Positive and Negative Factors
• Massage Techniques – Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Hacking and Tapping
• Massage Mediums – Oils etc
• Patch Testing

• The Treatment Preparation Process
• Hygiene Standards and Procedures
• Client Consultation
• Preparing your Client
• A Complete Massage Treatment including:
• Back Massage, Back & Front of Leg Sequence, Foot Cleansing & Massage, Arm Sequence, Shoulder & Neck, and Facial Massage
• Possible Side Effects and Lifestyle Management Advice
• Assessment Techniques – Initial Treatment, On-going After Care and Advice
• Post Treatment Evaluation and Review
• Professional Ethics
• Building your Client Base
• Running a Holistic Massage Practice

Holistic Massage Therapy Course Outcome

A Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification is awarded on successful completion of this course. See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World.

Holistic Massage Therapy Course Writers Comments

The course comes with lessons, tests, diagrams, exam paper and case studies from a Professional Holistic Massage Practice, together with additional course supplements covering what you will need for setting up a successful ‘Holistic Massage Practice’.

Workshops and CPD courses are provided by the course writer, Sue Etherden. Click Here for more information.

Sue Etherden: SNHS Dip.(Hypnotherapy), SNHS Dip.(Advanced Hypnotherapy), SNHS Dip.(Acupressure), SNHS Dip.(Shiatsu), SNHS Dip. (Professional Relaxation Therapy), SNHS Dip. (Reflexology), SNHS Dip.(Advanced Reflexology) and SNHS Higher International Diploma in Reflexology

Holistic Massage Therapy Course Feedback

Lee-Anne Wentzel
Harare, Zimbabwe

I have really enjoyed working on these courses, and now have completed 6 Foundation Courses! I am really pleased!

I am a Mum of 4 children, and have worked with my husband for the past 5 years. At the beginning of 2011, I decided to take up my long time passion of reflexology and massage. I was lucky enough to find your website, and I have been on an amazing journey ever since!

Thank you to the School of Natural Health Sciences for making it all possible and so easy!

Sumant Barooah
Delhi, India

I did an exhaustive search on Google for over 6 weeks, looking for an Online or Residential course for Holistic Massage Therapy.

I found the School of Natural Health Sciences courses best suited for the purpose, as I am planning to open Spa’s in Australia within the year and your courses are accredited worldwide. I found the course thorough, precise and instructive. The hands-on instruction and training that is essential for a practitioner.

I am very happy with it and as and when I feel the need, I am sure I will be undertaking other courses offered by your School.

Holistic Massage Therapy Course Instalments

Instalment fees in £GBP

Tutored: Single payment of £295
or £95 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of £50.

Self Study: Single payment of £135
or £50 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of £50.

Instalment fees in $USD

Tutored: Single payment of $590
or $190 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $100

Self Study: Single payment of $270
or $100 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of $100.

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