Colour Therapy

Self Study: £135 Tutored: £295

A Distance Learning Diploma Course of 10 Lessons

Colour Therapy Course

Colour therapy is a subtle non‑invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour.  Colour therapists introduce the optimum balance of colour energies into the human organism in order to promote harmony and balance between the body, mind and spirit.  Only when this balance occurs are we able to work towards a state of perfect health.  Colour therapy is at present a complementary therapy, which works well with many other methods of treatments.  There are, however, many cases where colour therapy has worked while other methods of treatment have been ineffectual.

A Colour Therapist can use colour to balance energy, aid creativity and learning, release blocks and alleviate physical, emotional and mental conditions.  Colour therapy helps people understand their needs for certain colours, and show them how to use these colours for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection.

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Subjects included in the Course

• The Principles of Colour
• How we react to Colour
• The Philosophy of Colour
• Our Physical and Subtle Bodies – Etheric, Astral, Mental and Causal
• History of Colour Therapy
• The Science of Light
• The Visible Spectrum
• Complementary Colours
• The Aura and the Chakras – Subtle Anatomy and Auric Colours
• The Chakra System Colours for Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown

• Colour Psychology
• Counselling and Art Therapy
• Colour Keys to our Personalities and Emotions
• Negative Qualities of Colour
• Colour Card Test
• Fragrance, Music and Colour
• Essential Oils, Flowers and Colour
• Colour and Sound
• Therapeutic Use of Colour with Clothing
• Seasonal Personalities and Colour
• Colour in the Home and your Environment
• Colour Breathing for Health and Beauty
• Colour Visualisation

•  Colour Affirmations
• Meditations with Colour
• Colour and Diet
• Food and The Colour Spectrum
• Solarised Water
• Colour Treatments Discussed
• Polarising Energy with Colour
• Programming Crystals for Healing
• Crystals Treatments with Colour
• Colour Therapy for Specific Ailments
• Running a Colour Therapy Practice

Colour Therapy Course Outcome

A Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification is awarded on successful completion of this course. See our Accreditation Page for the list of ‘independent accrediting bodies’ who approve and accredit our courses in the UK and around the World.

Colour Therapy Course Feedback

Louise Macleay
Staffordshire, England

Thank you so much for informing me of my Grade A pass in Colour Therapy, recently submitted. I look forward to my diploma with much anticipation as it will be my first with your school!

It has spurred me on to finish my Hot Stone Massage course, and with just my case studies to complete, I am sure it won’t be too long before I am applying for some more courses with your good selves, the only problem being which to choose, although I am favouring Reiki at present!

I would like to thank all your staff for their support throughout my course, especially Margaret my course tutor, and Lynne in the office for tirelessly answering my queries along the way. You are such a friendly bunch of people; this is why I am happy to continue studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Laura Firkins
West Midlands, England

I would like to thank ‘all of the team’ at the School of Natural Health Sciences for their quick, and efficient, replies to my emails, also for the way in which the course is set out, to make learning easier.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Colour Therapy course, and would certainly recommend this course to my friends and family.

Kareema Baker
Florida, USA

I am very excited to embark upon my journey of entering into the Holistic field as a Color Therapist and furthering my educational pursuits with your institution, to gain more knowledge and expertise. I appreciate all that The School of Natural Health Sciences stands for, thank you for widening my knowledge and the concept of pursuing limitless possibilities in my professional and spiritual life.

Colour Therapy Course Instalments

Instalment fees in £GBP

Tutored: Single payment of £295
or £95 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of £50.

Self Study: Single payment of £135
or £50 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of £50.

Instalment fees in $USD

Tutored: Single payment of $590
or $190 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of $100

Self Study: Single payment of $270
or $100 deposit followed by 2 monthly payments of $100.

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