Advanced Stress Management




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    There are no time restrictions, you simply study and return work when you wish.  Our courses do not expire, so take your time and enjoy the gentle learning curve.  You simply work through the assignments at your own pace, free from the restrictions and pressures of working to deadlines.

    On average students take approximately 200 hours,  3 – 4 months, to complete a non advanced course. Around 300 hours 5 – 6 months for an advanced course plus time for ‘practical work’ with your volunteers for any ‘hands-on’ therapy.

    This is simply a guide; everyone studies at their own pace. Study breaks are welcome and our courses will not expire

    There are question papers at the end of each lesson, and a final question paper at the end of each of the courses which are all conducted via email. No attendance is required.

    The Final Exam is classed as an open book exam so you can consult your course material to help if necessary.