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Mentoring in Hampshire

Mentoring Service

Mentoring and ‘Professional Resources’ for Hypnotherapists, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and Counsellors.

I offer a variety of services which are tailored to suit your particular needs. I can provide assistance to newly qualified individuals, and graduates of The School of Natural Health Sciences seeking guidance and support in the early stages of their ‘holistic careers’. I also coach/mentor more experienced therapists, including those who are looking to re-vitalise their practices, or who have undertaken a new therapy to add to an existing practice.

My previous background is in teaching (tertiary and Adult Education); Business administration and personnel (HR) however, I have been in ‘professional practice’ for over 15 years, and I am only too aware that each stage in our “therapy career” brings with it its own unique challenges.We find we need different kinds of mentoring and coaching at different phases.

  • One off sessions (2 hours or 4 hours)
  • On-going support
  • A fixed three month package
  • A fixed 6 month package
  • A one year package

Fees start at £60 for a one-off, tailored session, and £200 for a three month contract. These can be a mixture of e-mail/telephone/face-2-face as suits the individual.

I am based in Petersfield, in Hampshire, UK, part of the Southdown’s National Park – an area of outstanding natural beauty, (a 50 minute train journey from central London)

For full details, please e-mail me on 123changemylifenow@gmail.comFor workshops and training days on other subjects, see our Workshop index.Mentoring with Geraldine Wintergeraldine-winterGeraldine has completed the following courses with SNHS: SNHS Dip. (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching), SNHS Dip. (CBT), SNHS Dip. (Indian Head Massage), SNHS Dip. (Acupressure), SNHS Dip. (Reflexology), SNHS Dip. (Meridian Psychotherapy), SNHS Dip. (Colour Therapy) and SNHS Dip (Psychotherapy & Counselling) & SNHS Dip. (Aromatherapy)Email: 123changemylifenow@gmail.comPlease make contact directly with Geraldine Winter, not with SNHS.