Advanced Past Life Therapy

Advanced Past Life Therapy

Self-Study: £195 Tutored: £395

A Diploma Correspondence Course of 12 Lessons

Please note, unless you have a Practitioner/Therapist Level qualification in Hypnotherapy or Past Life Therapy you cannot enrol in this course. If in any doubt please contact us before enrolling.

Subjects included in the Course:
• Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
• The Human Mind
• Hypnosis, Suggestibility, and Induction Techniques
• Jungian Archetypes and the Fool’s Journey
• Trance Management and PLT protocols
• More on technique – Discarnate entities, ‘life between lives’
• Psychotherapy – a review
• Reincarnation – The evidence
• The application of Suggestion
• Deepening techniques
• Therapeutic Interventions
• Termination (release)
• Planning a Past Life Therapy session

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Course Fees

Course fees in £GBP

Tutored: Single payment of £395
or £95 deposit followed by 6 monthly payments of £50

Self Study: Single payment of £195
or £48.75 deposit followed by 3 monthly payments of £48.75

Course fees in $USD

Tutored: Single payment of $790
or $190 deposit followed by 5 monthly payments of $120

Self Study: Single payment of $390
or $97.50 deposit followed by 3 monthly payments of $97.50

Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an accredited SNHS Diploma entitling them to practise.

Having completed our foundation level course in this subject, students will have sufficient information to enable them to carry out a Past Life Regression Therapy session, moving forwards this advanced course provides a deeper understanding and builds on the knowledge gained previously.


For students wishing to enrol on this course you must have a Diploma level qualification in Hypnotherapy or Past Life Therapy, you must possess the ability to induce an hypnotic state before enrolling in this course.

Why take this course?

The course provides more background and insight into the underlying principles of Transpersonal Psychology and its influence on Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. An ‘important section’ of the course is the development of ‘trance management’ protocols for Past Life Therapy and some further discussion on ‘session planning’ and important aspects to consider when undertaking Past Life Therapy work.

‘Professional Body Membership’

Our Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and Advanced Past Life Therapy courses are approved by ‘The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association’. Graduates of such approved courses, may apply for membership of the PHPA. The PHPA was founded in 1998. Steve Armstrong DHP Acc.Hyp (Distinction). took over the Association as the President of the PHPA in 2005, amongst his advisers are Dr. D. Portner and Faith Waude who is the Managing Director of Hypnotic World Ltd.

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About the Course Writer

Tony Edwards is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst. He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and a Registered Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. Tony holds advanced qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and in Naturopathy and Nutrition. He is the author of internationally recognised training courses and texts in these subjects. He is a member of several ‘Professional Bodies’ concerned with various modalities in the complementary therapy field. Tony is also a Member of the Nutrition Society, and a Life Fellow of Medicina Alternativa.

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